Benedetta – Organic & Biodynamic Skincare

I’ve been back a week now from my California tour and jet lag hit me like a ton of bricks!! I’ve loads I want to write-up but as I sit down with a pen and piece of paper, bam – I have the best sleep ever, at 2 in the afternoon!

So my first post that got past the narcolepsy is a product review, although as I call them, my little gem reports! I’m nervous writing this, which is silly, for two reasons

1) When I hear the word review, it makes me feel that I should have some sort of authority on these items, when all I am is a little old homeopath 🙂 So I now call this one and future product articles, will be called little gem reports. That way I feel I can talk about how MY skin reacted to products, why I like them and my main aim, how good it is for you health and well-being!

2) My philosophy on green beauty is as follows – if it’s in the kitchen you can use in on your skin! I think this way, to overall reduce mine and a patient’s toxic load in their life for over improvement in health for mind and body. So I mainly use honey facemasks, oil moisturizer, banana hair conditions. However, as my mission is to help as many people out there as possible make the change, switching from glitzy branded products to using crushed garlic as a hair tonic, can be too much of a paradigm shift for some, and understandably! So I’m moving into the product sphere. Bare with me, as I am so new to products, what you guys are looking for may not be on my radar. So let me know if I leave out any crucial info! And, so we begin!

So ladies and gents, I’m happy that my first little gem report, is for the fantabulous Benedetta Organic and Biodynamic Facial Sampler. A great company based in San Fransisco, created by Julia Faller. Their philosophy is based on produce that is 100% botanical and made in small batches to preserve the vibrancy of the ingredients.

I found Benedetta and the lovely Bonnie who was working that day, when a friend of mine recommend myself and my husband visit the market foound in the Ferry Building, on the last day of our San Fran visit. This was after we had told her we only had seen the madness of Pier 39 and had been eating corn dogs. So Dinah tried to save our increasingly toxic holiday! For the record corn dogs and (sorry Dinah, I had to try them) Twinkies are manky, no offense! Is it nostalgia of ball games that makes people eat these, cause it certainly not for taste! My head thought it was going to explode after the tocins in the twinkie did their magic!

So arriving at Pier 1 and with my husband scouting for organic beauty products for me, we came across Bonnie! And, after hearing about the philosophy of Benedetta, I went for the facial samlper for dry skin. In the cutest box ever, is included two moisturizers (one rosemary and one neroli), two toners( one rosemary and one neroli), an oil control blend, facial oil and creme cleanser. When trying these products I started off with the typical cleanse tone, oil and moisturizer, one week using the rosemary cream and toner and then moving on to the neroli cream and toner.

So how did my skin react!? There was definitely a mutual attraction between my skin and the products. I love the toners in the spray bottles and so far, Benedetta is the only company to recommend spraying on the toner and leaving it to do its magic for a few moments and not to wipe off. I’ll be using this tip with other toners!

The oil and creams left my skin feel very hydrated and with a lovely shine but not greasy at all. The best was yet to come though, as through the night these two really got to work and the next day your skin is baby bottom smooth – absolutely no exaggeration and your complex (being irish for me) was alabaster and even.

But the pièce de résistance for me was the Rosemary and Geranium Creme Cleanser! Actually on a side note, my skin really loved the Rosemary week (cleanser, toner & moisturizer). Not that I had any breakouts at all during the Neroli phase, but something about Rosemary made my skin glow.

This cleanser is like a gift that keeps on giving and exactly as the company describes their products – non-comedogenic, is very much demonstrated by this cleanser! It was thick to apply, but I put this down to my oil cleansing method habit and a different texture. Plus my skin loved the cream and drank it in, I used a LOT! I massaged as long as I could before it was absorbed and cleaned it off with organic cotton buds and warm water! On a side note – I’m looking for the re-useable cotton buds but couldn’t find them anywhere. Anyone seen them?

The cleansing bit was the eye opener. The first night I followed the programme, was on a non make-up day, so I assumed that simply the pollution of a city would need to be cleansed. Was I wrong or what? Pad after pad came off dirty and I assure you I’m a clean person!! When you think, as your skin is glowing, that you have cleaned everything all off, the cotton bud says otherwise! I actually did take a picture for this post on all the cotton pads I used but thought, that was far too disgusting! So trust me 😉

Then when all is finally cleaned off, you take a close look at your skin and there are NO PORES! Not clean pores, not reduced pores – NO PORES! Amazing! The there was the glow I mentioned, really radiant, even my husband noticed. This cleaning process happened night after night! The only thing, on a make-up day, was that I use the OCM just to get my eye make-up off and then followed on my the Rosemary and Geranium Creme Cleanser. As my skin absorbed so quickly, its seemed to “dry” too much to massage around the delicate skin of my eyes.

I really loved my samples and as well getting to chat to Bonnie. The whole vibe of the company suits me. They are very passionate about skin care and nature which I really connect with. A company that is passionate about their line make great products with great ethics!

So if you around San Francisco, pop in and say hi to Bonnie or the company owner Julia – tell them I was asking for them 😉


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