Healthy Berry Mousse

Shopping List
Honey/Maple Syrup
Vanilla extract
Chia Seeds

So if you are reading this, you have probs seen my update on facebook! If you haven’t come from facebook, you are more than welcome to follow, here.

I heard from a lot of people that the “best of intentions” are there to eat health but there are so many “superfoods” now, it is overwhelming! How do you fit everything in? There is after all, only so much one can eat, good or otherwise, in a day! My tip on the subject – instead of trying to eat every superfood, just look at what you are eating and make everything you put in your stomach count. What goodnes does it provide you? Does it provide something beneficial to your body and health?

Now for the post. Have any of you heard of the superfood Chia seeds? Their function in cooking is as a geling agent, thickening agent, and can replace eggs in recipes. I’ve yet to master the latter!

I recently noticed my local healthstore stocking them. I decided to get myself a pack just to have and they seem to last long enough. Or long enough to find a use for them, I thought 😉

This recipe came about from having a huge amount of blackberries in the garden and needing to use them up. I’d heard of chia pudding, so gave it a go!

A perfect treat, that is stupidly quick to fling together, gets fruit into the kids and alongside nuts, oils and fish for getting omega 3 into you! If you want to know more about omega 3, just let me know!

To start off Im no cook and literally threw this together. Bear with me with quantities :/

I’d say looking back….
250ml cream (your choice – coconut, almond, or dairy)
3 handfuls of berries (strawberries, blackberries or blueberries)
2 tbspns of a natural sweetener (maple syrup or honey)
1 tspn vanilla
2 tbspns chia seeds (our guest of honor!)

Blend all of the above together and get as much air into the mixture as possible. Immediately after, transfer to bowls and refrigerate for 3hrs!

This becomes really like a mousse, it’s ridiculous 🙂 I really wanted to add white chocolate but kept it healthy. Up to you, I’ just putting it out there. 😉

A note on texture – I left my chia seeds whole which is felt in the mousse but you have the option of grinding them down into a powder.

Chia seeds are great. There are so many benefits to list, just look here. One note I do want to add, the calcium found in this little black seed is absorbed super effectively, making it a super good for bones. Hence why chia seeds are a superfood!



Also found on Riviera Women


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