Watermelon Cocktail

I called this drink the watermelon cocktail, even though this contains no alcohol, it feels so luxurious to drink, it’s much more than a simple thirst quencher.

At the beginning of this summer, I had learned how amazing watermelons are for your health and thought of ways to incorporate some into my eating pattern. I couldn’t find any ideas. The thought of crunching on a slice during the day didn’t do it for me, even though I know its healthy, my taste buds won this one.

So fast forward three months to my tour of Cal-i-for-ni-a, and a brilliant restaurant near the Hollywood sign, Beachwood Café. This place is great. The staff are amazingly friendly and really fun to talk to and the food was really fresh. They had vegan options, kale salads and this great watermelon drink. My husband always takes juice but is careful to take one that has no added sugar. If I remember right, they were out of juice but our server told us about the crushed watermelon. So he said why not!?

I took one sip of it and I was hooked. It as the most amazing vibrant pink colour, which reminded me of a Las Vegas cocktail and tasted more refreshing than finding a cold beer in the middle of a desert. Or so, I’m told – I’ve never like beer!

SO on my return and knowing what I know about watermelons, this drink was being added to my fridge and kept in constantly supply.

Watermelon has so many amazing benefits, it has nutrients for everything – great for your heart, reinforcing your immune system, amazing for your skin, good for a healthy blood pressure.

Want to know how to make this drink! I’m not evening putting this up as a recipe as it’s that easy! Simply cut up your watermelon, removing the seeds if you want to (these are great source of protein, so I don’t remove them all) and but it all in a blender. You might want to add some water, or organic apple juice, that’s up to you! Click here for more recipe ideas!

This drink is great for a girl’s night in, summer’s day lunches, BBQ, you name it! Avoid all the sugar in fizzy drinks and fruit juices!


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