Suncoat & Gabriel Nail Polish

Back in the day, I was a nail varnish, or polish in the States, fiend. I had every single colour you could think of, all of them. I became a teen, when painting each toenail a different colour was the IT thing to do! Before then, I wasn’t allowed to wear nail colour, so maybe my obsession with painting my nails came from rebelling against my repressed need for colour! LOL

Going glean (green & clean), nail polish went straight out the window! Here just A FEW reasons why:

Formaldyhyde, Dibuytl phthalate (DBP) & Toluene, chemicals that are known carcinogens, reproductive & development disrupters and finally, if that isn’t enough, a nerve toxin. DBP and Toluene are banned here in Europe but don’t think that this makes European brands safer. Check out this link for a list of ingredients in nail polish and thier function. Can you imagine that all this is absorbed into the nail bed. This promoted companies to produce the 3-free nail varnishes. However, many of these contain Ethyl acetate, a nerve toxin. Fancy a bit of a chemistry lesson? Read this great article on how to make sure your varnish is safe!

But bring us back from the edge and into sunnier times, there are safer brands now widely available to indulge your need for rainbow nails! Just to point out, I say safer – nail varnish will never be natural or organic. The history of painting your nails dates wayyyy back. Cleopatra was a fan of painted nails but it wasnt until the 1920’s and car paint was developed, did someone link the two and nail varnish was invented. How they made this link is beyond me but you can imagine the chemicals on your car on your nails!? Hence why nowt there is a huge need for safer nail varnish. Safer for you and the environment.

Here I’ll talk about my two latest finds, Suncoat girl and Gabriel. The former actually being for kids and as I was drawn to it, an apt indication of my maturity!

I found these two nail varnishes during my recent trip to the States. I already had a few colours from Santé and Benecco, which I purchased in France but here, they can be quite expensive. I also fell out of the habit of painting my nails due to going green, puritan styleeee. While shopping in Wholefoods, these two were on sale, I thought – why not. So glad I listened to my impulsive little voice!

In terms of ingredients, Suncoat is free of Phthalate plasticizers, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Acetates, Alcohol, Glycol ethers, FD&C dyes. It is completely odorless, much to my husbands delight when I had to paint my nails quickly on the way to a wedding. For once, he wasnt left choking and opening all the car windows so he could breath. The other handy trick with Suncoat is that as it is water based, it peels right off after soaking your fingers in water for 3 minutes. Therefore no need for nail varnish remover, further reducing your toxic load.

From my experience of nail varnish, safe or otherwise, I sincerely have never had a nail varnish last so long. I’ve actually only ever bought nail polish remover max 7 times in my 31 years, because it flakes iff so easily on my nails. It’s a running joke in my house that as soon as I do my nails, guaranteed, something will come up that I’ll need to scrub the house and my lovely freshly painted nails are destroyed! These little gems, Im giddy just typing – lasted a whole week! The pics on the post are days 1 – 4. I willingly had to remove it to redo my nails. That’s never happened to me!

In terms of the Gabriel nail varnish – I purchased the top coat as I wasn’t expecting the Suncoat to last so long! I also love really shiny nails you get after applying a top coat! This is only 3-free meaning free of Formaldyhyde, Dibuytl phthalate (DBP) & Toluene but does contain Ethyl acetate unfortunately. However, Gabriel do have a range that is 5-free, meaning free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Camphor, Phthalate. I would have bought all of these if I had have known when standing in front of he nail vanish stand! The top coat may be another reason why the colour, Suncoat, lasts so long. This varnish, did smell varnish-y. However, I asked my husband and he confirmed that it wasnt as strong as conventional polishes!

Long nails!! I have paper-thin nails – a fabulous head of hair but nails I was never blessed with. Weak nails can be a sign of a mineral imbalance but more often than not its due to genetics. So, where I know the nail varnish is not making my nails any healthier, due to the long duration of colour, I suspect, they are supporting my nail, like a splinter in order which allows them to grow!

I wouldn’t class nail varnish as a cosmetic essential and that’s why I went so long without doing my nails to avoid toxic chemicals. But it shows now, how forward thinking the glean movement is that we now have a CHOICE! Safe for us, our children and our environment.


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