Girls Night In!!!

Ladies, are we ready for a Girls Night In!? So have you got everything on the shopping list!? Here we go…


The most important part of the whole girls night in experience is……. the cocktail! But this is no ordinary cocktail.  This will hydrate your body, relieve bloating and boost your immune system.  All of which can be seen in your skin.  Plus, its very pink, lovely and looks great in a cocktail glass.

Follow the instructions here, on how to make the Watermelon Cocktail!

Next on our preparation list is our Coffee Antioxidant Facescrub.  I love this stuff! I did it last night and my skin is still glowing!

Mix 2 tbspns of your organic coffee grounds to 1 tbspn of the oil of your chocie.  I use olive oil.  This can be kept in the fridge for weeks but be sure to warn others of the household.  This is not a sandwich spread!

That’s it for the prep! Get your jammies on, pump out some music (unless you have babies, just whistle to yourself) and grab your cocktail 🙂


Tonight we are going to use the Oil Cleanse Method (OCM) to clean of the days build-up.  Use 1 tbspoon of your oil and massage really well into your face  If you are wearing make-up, this will dissolve with the oil (sometimes it looks like you are just spreading it all over your face LOL).  Use this opportunity to do a bit of facial yoga.  Move your muscles when you massage.  This gets blood to your skin, helps remove toxins and improves any lines that may be starting to appear.

Once this is done, a good minute or two, take a cloth.  Rinse in warm/hot water and place on your face.  Let it open all your pores and rinse of the oil.  This may take a few goes but you will see your skin will already start to glow!


Once you skin is clean of pollutions and make-up, we’ll scrub off ay dead skin cells for a fresh skin.  Remember your skin is delicate, so you don’t have to be rough.

Use as much of the Coffee Antioxidant Facescrub as you like and massage again into your face.  Please be careful arounn your eyes.  If you get any in there, IT FEELS LIKE SANDPAPER!

Let this sit on your skin for at least 30 seconds  This is the time it takes for all the goodness, and unfortunately the badness of toxins in cosmetics, to be absorbed into your bloodstream! Luckily this scrub is nothing bit good! Think of it as an energy drink for your skin.

So let it work! Sip your cocktail and dance around. You could also show some love to your feet! Grab an old pair of socks, smother your feet in your precious oil and cover with the socks.  They will look amazing in the morning!

Now Rinse your face!


Moving on to our lovely honey! If I didn’t mention, you’ll need a small spoon for this trick!

Honey attracts moisture to the skin, is anti-septic and anti-irritant, relieving redness and dry itchiness. You can mix other ingredients to the honey but I love to keep it simple!

Using the back of your spoon, spread the honey over your face and around the eyes.  Relax for at least 10-15mins, with cucumber eye pads and cocktail in hand (Next girl’s night in I need to prepare us healthy snacks!)

All done – wash off the honey


Remember that lovely rosewater you got? Hydrating, balancing, soothing? Doesn’t it smell gorg? Well, apply with a cotton bud all over your face.  Dont worry if you see the bud change yellow at first.  That’s the coffee.

The purpose of a toner is not what most people think  Ask your friends and many will say, “to remove cleanser residue”.  If that is the fucntion of your toner, dump it and the cleanser.  Toners are to deliver properties from flowers or herbs different to those found in oils and feed the skin.  The consistantcy of floral waters also can help close pores.


What have you got to moisturize? If it is not organic, I’m not doing a good enough job! 🙂

Remember its night-time.  Your skin is renewing and a heavy cream contains ingredients that may interfere with this natural process!

Oils supply nourishment to the skin, are easily absorbed and let your skin breath.  You need to use only a tiny bit – half a teaspoon, if that! Again, massage your skin, tone your face – get it moving.

Now, more cocktail!

How does your skin feel!?  We’re all done for this time. Send me pics, comments thoughts on my facebook page!

Thanks ladies, see you next time!


5 thoughts on “Girls Night In!!!

  1. What a great blog Julia! Keep writing these witty and informative articles. I will make a girls night in with my son tonight. He’s more of an Adam Sandler fan than Julia Roberts. He wouldn’t wear a coffee mask but perhaps avocado. Yippy!

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