So you fancy an Egg McMuffin, do you!?

Research from the Universaty of Buffalo shows that after eating an Egg McMuffin & Hashbrowns, the body produces raised inflammatory markers for up to 3-4 hours after consumption!

I think this goes for all fast food! Discussed in the research is the type of ingredients in the meal (additives were not discussed). This meal contains 900 calories and is full of high-fat, high refined carohydrate ingredients. However, eating the same amount of calories but of a meal, made up of fruits and fibre, the body did not produce the same reaction!

Why are inflammatory markers so important? These, in short, indicate appropriate (or not) immune response, can indicate metabolic syndrome (or predisposition) & raised levels can lead to chronic inflammatory disorder.

Plus, homemade hashbrowns are so much nicer!!!

Thanks to Rawganic Vegan for posting this on Facebook 🙂


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