Product Hack – Benecos Lipstick Blusher

While getting to grips with a new beauty routine – organic or otherwise, ladies, we prowl the stores hunting for a replacement that is as damn close as possible to our tried and trusted, although toxic, brands. I didn’t know my yellow brick road search of the best lippy would lead me to the emerald city of cream blushers aka a Product Hack! Fancy rosy cheeks with a youthful sheen? Read on…..

I’m well-known among my friends as the lippy girl! I love vibrant pink, deep crimson and cool coral colour. Even in daytime, I’m not the neutral tone type of girl. Going glean, I needed to replace this first and foremost. I was (hangs head in absolute shame) the long-lasting lipcolour queen. The longer the better. My OCD couldn’t handle having a lippy the wears off. So I tentatively went in search of the Holy Grail of organic lipstick.

For many, when going green, the first port of call is your local health store. For me, choosing make-up is a touchy feely task. These products need to be tested – what does organic feel like, smell like, look like and even taste like. So, personally, internet shopping didn’t appeal to me in the beginning. This however can lead to limited choice when it comes to lipstick. In my area, we have Benecos, Santé, Couleur Caramel and UNE. I was looking for a very vibrant pink lipstick that looked like my wedding lippy. To put my love of lip colour into perspective – I put more time into searching the best lipstick for my wedding than the wedding dress!

So when doing the rounds of healthstores at the time – Benecos seemed to have the best colours selection that was available. I have 3 – two, I bought myself and one I received from my sister-in-law as a gift. These include Hot Pink, Pink Rose and Purple.

A note on Benecos products: Benecos website is in German, so Google translate is a requirement. But in short they company are against minerals oils, petroleum derivatives, paraffin and silicone. These products can not be metabolised and so accumulate in various organ or fat cells around the body. They are also free of SLS, Parabens, Phthalates, Silicons, PEG, synthetic colours, synthetic fragrance and synthetic preservatives. Benecos is also organic certified and animal testing free!

The Verdict? So in terms of colour, these are great – vibrant and really stand out. They are very hydrating. Your lips feel so smooth when you are wearing it! They smell and taste like a milk orange chocolate bar, yum!!!!! Organic of course. However in terms of staying power – not what I was looking for. Still, I loved wearing my lippy and my search for the perfect lip colour continued.

Fast forward a few weeks – Running out of work, I looked just like that – I had worked 10 hours. I was supposed to be meeting up with friends for a gossip! I ransacked my handbag – no bronzer or anything to make myself look human, only my Benecos lipstick, Pink Rose.



I also was going through, at the time, a make-up crush on Miranda Kerr and her amazing rosy cheekbones! So I thought, I have nothing to lose! I attacked my face with the stick. The worst I could look like was Bridget Jones when attending Colin Firth’s posh gala!
But ladies, this was the best product hack to date!

The creamy consistency of the lipstick not only meant that the colour spread or blended (I think is the technical term) really well and evenly but also left a beautiful sheen on your cheeks. A real youthful glow. I look ready for a night out and the night out I got! The “blusher” stayed exceptionally well!

TIP My skin tone is a cool autumn, I think. I have cool tones but tan very well and freckles, dark blonde hair and blue eyes. Pink Rose worked for me but choose the colour that best suits you. Also, when applying the lippy, it works best when dabbed. Please dab, you don’t want to look like you are having a stroke!

This is now the most important product in my make-up kit!!! I really should be looking at other blushers to help my patients make the change and to write about here but I’m too happy with my hack that I couldn’t part with it! My tube is coming to an end, so I’m preparing myself for this day to come and already researching actual cream blushers. But, one part of me knows I will go out straight away and pick up the Pink Rose 🙂




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