Essential care – Eyeliner and Lipstick

This was one of my first ever reviews from my professional website before entering the blogging world!! 🙂  I don’t have pics unfortunately, but I do rememeber I loved both products, so they went too quick to take snaps!

I was given some sample by the very generous Claudia of Zone Bebe, two items from the make-up range of Essential Care.  I had heard of this brand when doing my search for organic, “nasties” free make-up and cosmetics.  Claudia had also mentioned them to me on facebook, so they were on my radar.
Last Tuesday night, was the inauguration of my practice in Antibes,  the Antibes Practice.  Trying to organise everything, I had forgotten my shoes, tights and some make-up.  Im getting known as the organic hippy down here, and women ask me a lot about what brands to buy.  So I couldn’t rock up with no lippy. Thank god, Claudia happened to have left samples for me to try and they are amazing!! Talk about great timing!
The first item is the Essential Care Lipstick number 12.  Lipstick, for those who know me will tell, was my thing! I loved it, and even accepted the horrific amounts of lead found in lipstick, in order to get the perfect shade.  So to get a lipstick was heaven to me.  I looked at shade, tone, durability, taste and texture.
On first appearances, the Number 12, looks like a dark, dark pink lipstick, very dark, but read on about the shade.  The first impression I got was the lack of overpowering perfume smell that you get with lipsticks.  It smelt very natural, almost chocolatey and sweet!  So I didnt mind licking it off to truely test my chocolate theory and yes it tasted of chocolate.  The texture feels so soft on the lips – like a lip balm.  My lips did not dry out like they used to in the “nasties” days.
The colour was a pleasant surprise.  I thought it would be shocking pink/plum but it went on very natural, more of a plum/pink hue, which compliments my skin tone very well.  It also stayed on very long, longer than I had expected!  Most organic make-up doesn’t have the staying power of “nasties” products, understandably.  However, this took nicely.  For a longer night out – I would recommend layering and patting to keep longer.  So all around, a great success and in the nick of time!
I also received a pencil eyeliner in black.  This is a great product and went on very smooth around the eye. Its an eyeliner that would be great for smudging.  I have noticed this – eyeliners and mascaras from organic ranges really do run when in contact with water, so be careful for any wedding coming up! I’m going to ask my cousin about some advice on how to help this situation! But again a nasties free eyeliner – great!
So a huge thank you to Claudia for these two samples and I will definitely be using Essential Care again in the future!

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