My First “No Poo” Experience!

I’m baaaacccckkkk! You may have noticed my lovely blog went dark for a little while! But even through my absence, my green living quest continued.

I have a LOAD of blog posts in my draft folder here but November got the better of me! My mission took me global for a few weeks and I met some incredible people! All started off with a few days away seeing friends in London, where I met the lovely Imelda at Content Beauty.  Imelda really helped me, chic up my make-up bag with fantastic new products! I’ll post about them next, some real must haves there 🙂 I then skipped over the canal to Paris for a family wedding and again visited the fantastic Mademoiselle Bio, a chain of Sephora type stores although solely for organic or bio products.  I also discovered the brill Bio Burger.  It’s a fast food burger chain with purely organic produce!Bioburger.jpg

I wasn’t finished there though.  A quick bag change and it was back to Byblos, Lebanon for another inspiring Wellness Week at Eddé Sands Wellness Resort and Hotel.  Twice a year Alice of Eddé Sands organises a wellbeing vacation retreat.  I travelled there back in April with my husband and we were honored to have been invited again this November.  Food again was prepared by brilliant Brisa and her team and guests can take part in classes like pilates and yoga and have many a wellness treatment for the body and mind.  I was there as my homeopath self  and spreading the green, toxin free beauty word.  This time around I focused on hair care and how to switch up your products.  Luckily I had written a very detailed post here (not published yet 😦 sorry), and was on the ball with how to explain the nuts and bolts of the situation.  Soon soon, I promise I’ll post the article here!!


As you can imagine after all this travelling and after passing through some very dirty cities, I had to wash my hair more often than I normally would and my hair became greasy much quicker.  It was a natural reaction by my scalp to the pollution.  The hair produces oil/sebum to protect our scalp. Does that mean our scalp treats standard shampoo as pollution? Food for thought.

After arriving back home just over a week ago, I let my hair go a tad, to give my sebaceous glands a break.  I do brush regularly with my boar bristle brush to help clean my hair and after a few days I noticed my ends were amazingly soft, when my roots were getting on the overly greasy side.  As you all know, Im rubbish at taking pics and capturing the moment.  So you may just have to believe me, my ends felt great!  However, I was heading out to a dinner and dry shampoo could only hid so much.  I had to wash my hair.  I used my fav sulphate free shampoo, Acure Argan shampoo (No amount of words can express how much I love this shampoo) and again my trusted aloe vera spray to detangler. I didn’t oil at this time, so this might have something to do with the following result.  When my hair dried, I noticed my ends were not the smooth loveliness they were as when my hair was, let’s be honest, dirty.  My roots were as ever the voluminous light bounciness I love when using Acure.  Like I said, Acure shampoo is my fav non toxic shampoo and the result this time was probs down to all the travelling I was doing and the harder than hard water, chez moi!

After feeling the ends of my hair and knowing about the no poo, or no shampoo, method – I thought, no time like any to give this ago.  I wanted to try it for a while, as I’ve heard so many good things about this method for taming curls, rebalancing sebum production and how cheap it is LOL  This website here is an invaluable source of information on how to go no poo. There are various approaches and I opted for the baking soda and apple cider vinegar approach.  I’ve seen how my hair responds to ACV, making it soft and very shiny.

So today was my first attempt and I love the results.  It wasn’t a perfect first time – my fault, I wasnt patient enough with my  baking soda solution and it was still quite gritty.  I also had no squeezy bottle available and people, learn from my mistake – when you get baking soda water pouring in your mouth, the taste will stay with you for quite a while!  I also may have applied too much of the solution to my ends and as you can read in the website, this is a no-no.

The baking soda solution is alkaline, opening up the hair cuticle and, when mixed with our natural oil,  makes a very mild “soap”, though do not expect and suds/lather here! After a good scrub, the beauty of the apple cider vinegar or ACV, is to close the cuticle again due to its acidity, resulting in clean shiny, soft tangle free hair!

I didn’t do that, oops! As I had no squeezy bottle, my baking soda solution went all down my face and in my mouth, yum!  I must have gotten a tad too much on my ends too or I did not use enough ACV after my good scrub, to properly close my cuticles, resulting in dry-ish ends.

Anyways, I am still happy with the results.  My hair was waaaaayyyyy greasy before my no poo wash and I wasnt expecting the soft, bouncy roots that I got, as you can seen in the first pic below (only the first section of my hair here, is dry). I thought that when my hair dried, it would look like oil was not washed out properly.

Due to the fact I knew what happened to the ends, I wasnt surprised my ends were a bit crunchy.  You can see in the second pic.  My ends are not the silky shiny hair I normally have.  However, if you are finding non-toxic shampoos are impossible to source or simply have run out of shampoo and have a night out to go to, grab the baking soda and vinegar, this no poo method is a very viable option!

Nopoo roots.jpgNopoo ends.jpg


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