My Second “No Poo” Experience! Eggs :)

Before you start to read about my new no poo addiction, I am sorry to say there are no images to show you my new trick! My computer decided to go into hibernation. As soon as its back up and running, pics will be added. We begin….

It’s very rare that my hair gets to the level of rankness required to use egg whites to clean my gruaige (hair in Irish)! But my whole family has had the privilege of witnessing such filth this Christmas! Egg whites are one option on the No Poo method of hair care.  My first experience went so well, I wanted to keep going! Low or No Poo not only means limiting nasty chemicals that are in hair care products from your system, but as I’m seeing, results in much healthier hair.

WARNING I really don’t have sensitive skin and could nearly wash my face in bleach, an exaggeration but wanting to demonstrate, and my skin would not react.  If you are aware or suspect you have sentitive skin, test all new products first, even food items and use only the freshest, highest quality items.
I came home to Ireland, not with the intention of going mental with the hair treatments but it was an added bonus to the already awesome fact I got to spend over a week with my whole family! Since, this time round, it was nearly 7 months since I had been home, I was not too fussed with what great non-toxic hair care products I packed. I just flung it all in a case and was in too much of a hurry to see my family, to care.
It’s also added that in my parents house, we are very casual! We eat from the finest china and drink from the finest crystal while dressed in our best Christmas pyjamas! I love it! My Christmas clothes are five pairs of varying tartan designs, all with a similar colour schemes of  reds, creams, navies, golds and green! I look like a hallmark film! All this to really rub in the fact that, what state my hair is in, is not a big deal!
I was also egged on, pardon the pun LOL, by my mother. I wanted to demonstrate that I had finally broken the cycle of needing to wash my hair every day. She was a sceptic. The first few days she was impressed and with only a tad bit of dry shampoo needed and one day of curling, I had gotten until day 4 when things kinda went south! Dragged down by the grease quickly developing on my roots! Now I wasn’t discouraged or surprised. I knew this would happen. Travelling and my no poo journey, don’t exactly get along. Usually I go back to my low poo routine using non-toxic sulphate free shampoos (low poo) such as Acure, Less is More and Green People. The ends of my hair are only silky however,  if I give my hair a good oiling before a shampoo or I go no poo!
So how bad was my hair????? Well I would have scared Mowgli out of the jungle in a frantic hunt for soap. Luke from the X Factor lock’s looked absolute baby soft and radiant compared to mine.
See when I let my hair go, it doesn’t simply become greasy but dull and waxy. If oily roots were the problem then my loverly homemade dry chocolate shampoo would do the trick. But due to the wax, after a few days of this,  very small clumps of dry shampoo start to form on my hair shaft. Oh so beautiful!
If this is happening to you on your no poo journey, here is the why.  Many people have heard and address product build up but what about mineral build-up?  I live in a very hard water area. To get the shine I like, I should invest in a water softening system or an orchard, the amount of apple cider vinegar I use!! Minerals in hard water deposit and dull the hair. This mixed with sebum makes, what looks like, a wax develop. If you are new to the no or low poo method, live in a hard water area and still have this waxy buildup, then it could be products previously used and minerals. You need to clarify these out of your hair!
So I was in Ireland, in my jammies and looked like I’d been dragged through a bush backwards! I had a look at shampoos in the bathroom but all contained my top 10 worst ingredients! These weren’t an option. I then had a ping moment.  I remembered reading a post on my natural hair bible, The Long Hair Community. A lady used egg whites to remove the waxy buildup. I thought I’ve never gotten my hair to this stage to really give this option a go – why not!
I separated the eggs, my hair and length needed the whites of four eggs. I beat them a tad and applied them to wet hair. I only left them to work for 5mins but after reading various posts on the web, generally 15mins is recommended ! I then prepared myself over the bath my a bottle of apple cider vinegar (ACV) and rinsed, first with water and then with the ACV. Well I wasnt expecting the next move. When I rinsed with water, the water rinsed out brown!!!! I was shocked and slightly disgusted with myself that my hair was that bad!! I hadn’t used dry shampoo so it wasnt that and my hair has never washed brown, no matter how long I left it!!!
Then once the water ran clear I rinsed with my ACV solution to close my hair cuticle. I rinsed my hair until my wide toothed comb could brush through easily.
The most amazing volume and shine ever! I couldn’t wait to dry naturally so my curiosity egged me on to blow dry, I’m on fire today!. That aside, even with the best chemical laden volume mousse and the worlds best blow dryer, I never got root volume like this!!! Not only volume but my hair felt so silky.

I added a little avocado oil to the ends which seems to adore my hair!
Apart from the volume, my hair colour changed. My hair colour was MUCH more vibrant and I was asked if I had coloured my hair. Unfortunately the grey became more vibrant as well LOL Ah well, you can’t have everything!
I really want to understand how the egg works at cleaning hair, but after all the research I’ve done I can’t find any explanation! I assume from the texture of my hair after the egg white that it opens the hair cuticle and so is slightly alkaline. It can’t be too alkaline though as my scalp did not itch like it did with the bicarbonate soda solution (BC). With regards to my hair colour, the egg white might strip the hair gentle of mineral build-up which is what I had read on Long Hair Community.
But that’s all the info I can give you guys! If any of you do find info, please feel free to post a comment here!
Between the BC from my first experience and eggs, I’m eggs all the way for a few reasons.:

  • AVAILABILITY You can find eggs anywhere.  This makes travelling with while the no poo method easier.
  • EASE The BC method is more tricky to make up and applying. If you get too much on the ends of your hair, the result in very brittle ends! My lovely friend Babette gave me a lovely gift of a squeezy bottle chefs use which makes the BC easier to apply. This is not a problem at all with eggs.
  • PH Making up the BC solution  needs a lot of experience.  The first time I made mine up, as you can read, I used WAY too much BC, which resulted in my scalp becoming too alkaline and very itchy.  Again, you don’t have this problem with eggs.

The only issue for this method is my vegan tendencies. As I say to everyone I’m not vegan but I do eat mostly vegan. Should the day come that I go the whole hog – so goes my lovely egg cleaning method. For the time being, while I chat with my conscience, free range open air organic eggs will be a stable in my hair care routine!


11 thoughts on “My Second “No Poo” Experience! Eggs :)

  1. That’s so interesting! The word volume is what pricked me ears mostly…not sure how sustainable it would be with the cost of (ethical) eggs, but I’m definitely going to try this out before a night out!

    Mayah x

    • I had the same thoughts and considering I need 4 eggs, not sure how my bank balance would take it! But I’ve gotten my hair down to one wash a week (previously from twice a day!!), so convincing myself it all works out!

  2. great news, sounds a very approachable method and I will try it.
    found online, from a chemical point of view measuring the ph of egg whites that they are at ph 8 making them slightly alkaline.

  3. Thank you for this post. I am a no poo newbie (four days on honey wash) and was on an urgent look out for a way to get clean feeling as my hair started to look real bad. Soda sounded too harsh for me (I have extremely fine hair and sensitive skin) so decided not to even try it. I have just done the egg white wash (kept for 15 minutes) and wow! my hair IS clean! How often do you use it? I am still processing all the information on the no poo and am not sure whether I should wash my hair immediately when it looks dirty (every day in my case) or wait it out. Does honey wash every day for 3 days and then egg white wash every 4th day sound reasonable to you? I will be very grateful for any suggestions 🙂 Great blog. Thank you for sharing this with us 🙂

  4. Not really. Many years ago I moved to herb-based products. But I suspect I am allergic to something so started weeding out all the suspects. Had a look through my shampoo and conditioner and they do have some sulphates – althought less than standard ones (the smell of standard one makes me sick actually 🙂 I have never used anything with silicone. I have very fine hair, so I just wash it. No styling at all.

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