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I have wanted to write and spread the word about this lovely company for sometime.  So after receiving a very generous gift as a thank you for gushing about Therapi in nearly every second tweet I send, there is no better time than the present.

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 18.03.26Therapi,  to me is so much more than simply an amazing skincare line.  It’s a company that I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for. Using honey produced from their own bees, they create amazing natural, Soil Association approved, effective products.  But this is not the jewel in the crown.  The reason why I adore Therapi, is their  commitment to help save the bees.  They are passionate about our bee population, and donate 5% of their profits to the cause.  I never thought I would find a person/company that could be more passionate about the issue than myslef but Therapi out do me, raising awareness of the issue and actually doing something about it!

“Honey has an ancient pedigree for healing and renewing the skin. It is one of the oldest natural cosmetic ingredients, due to its high levels of nutrients and anti-oxidants. This miracle substance is a highly effective humectant, acting as a perfect natural moisturiser and skin conditioner. The enzymes, amino acids, minerals and nutrients that honey contains naturally purify the skin and assist with cell regeneration.”     


Therapi,  founded by Tanya Hawkes, based in Scotland, was launched in September 2013. Tanya has been a beekeeper for 25 years and from reading interviews she has given, is my honey guru.  Its Tanyas passion, expereince and impressive knowlege base in conservation, that makes her activism in colony protection stand out.  This falls in line with my philosophy which is that its our responsibility to nurture our planet for it to nurture us back.  This is no more clearly seen than with our bees.  As Tanya mentioned in her interview with Content Beauty in London, honey is a valuable resource, has superfood properties and has been widely written about in ancient texts for its healing properties.  By showing it as a valuable resource, it gives economical weight to the campaign to save the bee population.  Aren’t we so lucky to have a woman like Tanya on this planet!


SAVE THE BEES, PLANT SEEDSScreen Shot 2014-04-28 at 18.01.04

Just a quick summary of why we all need to be concerned with the decline in the number of bee colonies.  The population of bees across the world has dramatic decline by up to 50% in recent years.  The cause of this decline is in much debate but whatever the cause, the results can be catastrophic for us, economically and ecologically.  Bees are essential to population of all flora.  Without them, and I’m not being dramatic here, we would have nothing to eat.

The cause of the decline is being closely investigated.  Most recently researchers have been looking into the combination of chemical insecticides and pesticides leading to a fungal infection in beehives that are causing them to die out.  So here is another point giving weight to organic farming, to find natural alternatives to these chemicals and move towards more natural farming, less hazardous methods.  If More and more people bought organic, then the food industry will shift to what the populations wants.


Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 15.45.51Being a skincare range with a passion, what about the products? In November, when I hit Content in London like the twister in the Wizard of Oz, I asked Imelda to find me “the” moisturiser.  You know the one, you come back to time and time again, the one that is guaranteed to give you beautiful skin.  I don’t know how the woman did it but she was spot on! I was give the Ultra Radiance Cream.  This is such a rich and luxurious cream and boasts the amazing properties of propolis.  Rejuvenating, rehydrating and anti-aging, this cream really has it all!

So as I said, I received a beautiful box of gifts and  have had the opportunity  to try the whole range! I can honestly say, everyone will have a Therpai products with their name on it.

Previously, I never really got how floral water could be hydrating until I tried their No.2 Hydrating Facial Toner. I felt refreshed but never soft and smooth.  After using Therapi’s toner, I felt Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 15.47.14like I did not need a cream afterwards. I do obviously but that is the effect it had on my skin and to explain how dry my skin is, coconut oil is absorbed in less than 30 seconds.  So you get the picture.  I would very much recommend this for eopl with dry, sensitive skin.

The cleanser and also very very very gentle.  I am a huge fan of the OCM, Oil Cleanse Method and it works so well for me.  But I was excited to try a cleanser as I have not yet tried what natural brands we like.  I was sent the No.1 Honey Gel Clenaser.  Again, this is very gentle, I even got some in my eye once (cleaning my face in the dark) and not a hint of a sting or irritation. Not much foaming , if that is what you are expecting but that does not take away from how good a cleanser it is. I do live in a very hard water area, if you haven’t read my last post.  Foaming however is not an indication of how good a cleanser is, and is mostly an indiction of chemical ingredients used in a product.

I was also generously given sample of  their No.3 Orange Blossom Honey Moisturiser and No.3 Lemon Mrtyle.  Both are recommended for normal to oily skin, respectively.  And I could really see these on friends I know with oily skin.  Sure if I was half a decent friend, I would have saved them to try, but clearly I’m not 🙂

This is just a my very brief introduction for you all into the world of Therpai.  There is so much to write about this company that I really do not do it justice here.  Go into their website, check them out for yourselves! Their products are even now available on some sites here in France and Im sure, soon to spread all ove rhte world!

Thank you so much Therapi for your lovely gift but honestly all the praise I give is well deserved!



2 thoughts on “Therapi Honey Skincare

  1. Wow, you have some serious love for Therapi! Agreed that it is so important to raise awareness about dwindling bee populations and to try and support them as much as possible. You’ve really made me want to try their products now! The only thing that stopped me before was the alcohol content, but you’ve swayed me now 🙂

    Mayah x

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