Grow Your Own Drugs!

Hi Everyone!
How are you all doing?!

The blog has gone into a major coma over the last two momths as we’ve been landscaping our garden!! I now have the skills to lay drainage, damp-proof a house, build a rockwall, paving, put up guttering, lay grass and organise an irrigation system! All will come in handy should homeopathy not work out 😉


So now is the fun part!! The garden is ready to be put to good use 🙂 Organising our vegetable patch is my top priority and sourcing heritage seeds, everything necessary for a mini organic farm!!


I’m finally getting to use my Christmas pressie from 2010. Love the tips and recipes from James Wong’s Grow your own Drugs. I’ve always wanted to grow some lovely herbs and medicinal plants.

Until then, I am perfectly content with the beautiful flowers that have come out! Thank you Babette for the gorg Agapanthus, my favourite Iris, my mum, Bre, for the mini rose and my dad Dave, for the strawberry plants!!!

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