Hard Water Hair mask

SHOPPING LIST*Lemon Essential Oil

1 very ripe Avocado

1 Egg (or 2 for long hair)

1/2 cup Olive oil (or appropriate oil for you hair)

1 tspn Honey

5-10 drops of top quality Lemon Essential Oil

1 Beer

*All organic

I’ve tried a new mask recently and am really chuffed to be able to share it with you.
My post Hard Water Haircare, has now become the most popular post on here recently and I have been messaged a good few times from people who have purchased the Aubrey Organics products and were as pleased as punch, as I was, with them!

I am now committed to offering as many solutions as I can find to hard water hair problem. The reason? I would love it if all my readers started to green their bathrooms and cosmetics.  What stands in the way of my mission? Hard water and hair. You see hard water leaves build-up on hair and not all green products, now matter how fabulous they are, can remove these minerals. This can lead quite a few to give up converting their hair routine. As you may have read from my previous post, My hair was dry looking, fluffy, and dull. I was taking every type of hair supplement and hair enhancing food there was but my hair looked awful.  Now, most might be fine with this, as I was.  I felt very virtuous that I was a proud green warrior, even if I missed my silky hair. It was not until I realised it was my water, not green shampoos which I thought, causing the problem.  Once I sorted out the situation at hand, I could say bye bye fluff, hello silky hair.

If though, you are reading this and thinking, “I have just spent X amount on a new hair products, and now you are telling me, if I have hard water, they will not work!” Breath, and chill, this post may help you. You see recently I ran out of my Aubrey Organic’s Swimmers Shampoo & Conditioner, and was on the hunt for some new products to try which were recommended to me on Twitter.  Until then, dry, dull hair, as the mineral build-up gradually took over.  I wasnt panicking this time however, I knew why my gruiage looked rough.

I had not treated my hair to a hair mask in ages.  Shame on me!

TIP If you are going green, hair masks are essential!


I looked in my kitchen and the only items I had were what you see on the shopping list. So I whipped them up in my blender (everything except for the beer), sectioned my hair, applied generous to the roots and finally the ends, and covered in the clingfilm.  You know, the usual mask treatment.

2 hours later, it came to washing my hair.  Do not ask me why I got the brain wave of using beer to rinse, it was an epiphany!! Although, here was my trail of thought:

“Oh no, I only have a little bit of shampoo left and its not going to be enough to rinse these oils out.  We have beers in the fridge.  Nik can’t have them, now that he is gluten intolerant.  Ive heard its good for shine which means they MUST cut through grease.  I’ve got nothing to lose”

Before I move on I have to explain.  When I oil my hair or apply a mask with oils in it, in order to rinse it out successfully the first time, I have to apply shampoo first and then water.  So in the order – mask, wait 2hrs, shampoo and water.  This is the only way the oils will wash out of my hair completely. However, as there is no water, it can take a lot of shampoo to cover your oiled hair. Aside from that issue, this tip works, every time!


As the myth goes with beer, my hair was extremely shiny.  I was chuffed but very surprised at how soft my hair was.  Almost, like it feel when using Aubrey’s (which now has become my point of reference).  I was shocked. I know it could not have been the oils or avocado, as I had been oiling my hair before with no effect on its texture. The eggs reinforce the structure so give volume and shine but little softness, in my experience. So what does that leave? The lemon oil. I know when cleaning my house and descaling my kettle, boiling water with lemon juice removed the build-up.  Why didn’t I think if this before!!? Next time I will experiment with lemon juice and see if it has the same effect.

So moral of this story? If you have spent your wages on new green hair care but are not sure if they will work in hard water areas or even if you have hard water, add this mask to your routine.  But more important, well doing for greening your  products and welcome to the club!


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