Liebster Award!

A big thanks to Dame de Rose for nominating me for the Liebster Award!

Here are the rules:

1. You must link back to the blogger who nominated you.

2. You must answer the 11 questions given to you by said blogger.

3. You must nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers and provide them with 11 unique questions.

4. You cannot nominate the blogger who nominated you.

5. You must inform your nominees by providing a link to your post explaining the award and rules.


1. What inspired you to start blogging?

I learnt all about natural beauty through my own journey for my health and to pass on info to my patients.  They suggested that I start a blog to spread the green beauty word 🙂 It was only after I got talking to anyone and everyone about their products and these guys took my suggestions on board that I thought people might be interested in what I’m saying!

2. What is your signature perfume/scent?

I have a few 🙂 I love perfumes by Lurk Beauty and Pure Natural Divas.  At the moment Aurelia’s Dry Body oil smells so good on me, I’m using that as my perfume! Anything with Neroli and Jasmine ticks my box.

3. Where is your ideal holiday destination?

I’m going through a phase at the moment where I’m really attracted to the Middle East.  The last few years, I have travelled to Lebanon for work, here is the post here all about it, and the beauty, energy and history there is fascinating! I would love to travel to Petra in Jordan, one day and discover the ancient town.

4. What’s your favourite sport?

Rugby!! If I’m really honest its only because us Irish are really good at it LOL I live for the 6 Nations and usually the last matches are on the 17th of March, St. Patrick’s Day.  There is always a massive party afterwards to celebrate a win or to soften the blow of a loss.

5. What are your 3 desert island beauty essentials?

My dry shampoo, without a doubt! How I coped with out it in my pre-green living days, I do not know! Olive Oil.  My skin loves oils and products that taste like food unfortunately! But I dont mind as my skin and hair are so good with it. Finally, my third pick, hmmmmmm! This is hard, I keep thinking of natural things on the island I could use LOLOLOL Ok finally Id need my Therapi toner! It works as a mist for hair, smells good so can use as a perfume and refreshing when out in the sun all day! Although raspberry seed oil would protect me from the sun……

6. What do you want to achieve with your blog?

Id love the blog to be a reference point to inspire people to embrace a natural way of living for their health and well-being.  To realise that, wellbeing doesnt not just mean free from dis-ease but a way of life that everyone can achieve! I started off as a green beauty site as I ways shocked to see so many pathologies linked to cosmetics in my patients. The blog has started to take its own shape with requests for recipes, health tips and posts on understanding how our body works.  That sounded very profound but there is also a side of me that wants a 1000 followers on all socail media LOLOLOL

7. If you could pick, what would be your last ever meal?

Colcannon, definitely with a ganky load of butter, along side fried chicken, but using my gluten and dairy free version! Banoffee pie to finish off.  Now I’m hungry……

8. Where is your favourite place to be?

In the garden! I love hearing the birds and breeze and smelling cut grass and flowers! It doesn’t have to be the quietest place. I even finding hearing traffic go by, but sitting in the garden really peaceful!

9. What is one of your favourite quotes?

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” Maya Angelou

10. What songs would be included on the soundtrack to your life?

Can I have albums? My teenager years can be summed up by three albums, Des’ree Supernatural, Janet Jackson Velvet Rope and All Saints.  These guys bring back so many memories! Never Forget by Take That, has been with me on every occasion and Best Thing by Ray Lemontagne was my first dance at my wedding.

11. What was the best compliment you ever received?

In my job as a homeopath, I often help guide people through sometimes difficult situations, and have been told that I am very insightful.  Although I don’t see it myself, I am very humbled to receive this compliment from patients.  I also get told often that I am a very good listener.

My Questions:

What was your first ever green beauty product?

What motivated you to turn towards more natural beauty products?

If you could create and develop a green beauty product, what would it be?

What are the most defining moments in your life?

What book had the most impact on you?

Do people miss judge you when they first meet you and if so, how?

What country best fits your personality?

Do you have a famous Doppelganger?

If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?

Whats your favourite item of clothing at the moment?

Are you a dog or a cat person?

I nominate:

(I know the rules say less than 200 followers, but have no idea how to check that out, so these are just a small few of the blogs I adore!)

Call it Vanity

Smells Like a Green Spirit

Happy Sexy Mama

Ana Goes Green

The Glam Green Girl


Organic Beauty Blogger

Organic Obsessions

Beauty Call

Practically Pure

She’s so Eco

A big thanks again to Dame so Rose for the nomination and to all my readers and subscribers over the past year!




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