Happy Heart Fudge Recipe

After stepping away from the blog for a while, in order to actually learn how to run a blog and do it properly, I’ve made a Happy Heart Fudge Recipemini-comeback with a recipe I posted on Instagram.

A lot were after this wee chocolatey piece of heaven and I thought, it would be cruel of me to leave you all hanging.

I do intend to make real comeback to blogging but quite a lot of stuff has happened in the past year which meant I couldn’t blog to the standard I wanted. I’m still a massive social media fiend though. I haven’t completely disappeared. But Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter are short snippets, and quick! Give me a few months though.  After I’ve read and learnt all I can from Pinterest, the blog will be up and running with recipes, book reviews, healthy living tips, cleaning living and of course the whole reason I started the blog, how to Clean Your Beauty Routine, #cleanyourbeautyroutine.

I also wanted a bit of time off to actually try more products to be able to review! My face can only take only product at a time, so now I kind of, have a back catalogue of great green products to review for you. I have also been full blown No Poo, no shampoo, for the last 4 months. Basically, I ran out of shampoo and my egg wash was working well so I thought, don’t change what is clearly working! I had my 4 month nopoo-sary last week! My hair articles are the most popular on here, so I know you lot will be dying to know what I’ve been getting up to. Here is a sneak peak: Did you know Champagne henna is not the same as Neutral, no hair dye, henna? I didn’t!!

Any way enough of my guilt ridden justification of where I have been and what Ive been up to for the past while; How are you all doing? Lets get this show on the road and get making some fudge!! I basically made this recipe up on the spot, so quantities may very slightly (or a lot, ooops)


Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Vegan, Refined Sugar-Free,Organic


1 cup of sugar free smooth PEANUT BUTTER

100g melted of the darkest CHOCOLATE you can stand




1 cup sprouted BUCKWHEAT for crunch.

Nutritional note: This recipe is full of ingredients which help with our cardiovascular system, cholesterol and blood pressure. Its also packed full of soluble and insoluble fibre, which keeps you full and ahem, cleans you out. A few of these treats will keep your blood sugar levels balanced after a workout or as a mid afternoon snack.

  • Peanuts are full of potassium, a mineral needed for healthy heart and kidney function.
  • Maple syrup is a sweetener but is balanced between fructose and glucose. Recent research has shown that not all sugars are metabolized equally and that a balance between these two has been shown to be the ideal for better digestion.
  • Rutin, a powerful antioxidant, which is shown to help high blood pressure issues.
  • It’s a great source of soluble and insoluble fibre, which fills you up and ahem, cleans you out!
  • Buckwheat has been show to help oestrogen metabolism and therefore helps in lowering excess oestrogen levels.


Mix the first 5 ingredients in a blender until very smooth.

Added in the sprouted buckwheat and pulse a few time sunitl incorprtated well.

Roll small spoonfuls into your desired shape and size.

Refridgerate for 30mins before devouring!

FUTURE TWEEK I think I might add in a seed mix or hemp seeds, for added fats and protein. This would be perfect for a quick morning snack when time for breakfast is short!

Let me know how you get, use the #, #juliahomeopathrecipe






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