Gluten, Egg Free Fried Chicken with Dairy Free Option

I’m very much aware of as I am typing, this may not be the healthiest recipe on the planet.  It is meat, for a blog with a Beginners Vegan post, and #eatclean plastered all over said blogs social media, I feel I must give the back story to this recipe.  Plus, the fact that it came to be in a dream, it deserves an introduction.

As previously mentioned, hubbie in the last year discovered food allergies were underpining his chronic hayfever.  These allergies were epic, tissues nearly became part of the decor in our house, and nasal clearing noises were an ever so pleasant sound to wake to.  Then there was the constant sneezing, all, the, time!


So when food allergies were indentified and as a result of these foods being cut out, ALL symtoms disappeared, it was a relief! Something as simple as changing your diet means you are not longer living at the mercy of your allergies and what mood they might be on the day.  Through IgG blood test, gluten and egg were shown to be the culprits.  With my kinesiology muscle testing, I also found gluten and eggs (ahem, 3 years earlier, but whos counting) and rice.  We were confused why rice tested up with me but not the blood test.  We asked for further blood tests, this time IgE, for enviromental allergens , and every type of grass came out.  Looking a the botanical families of the results, for cross-reacitvity, what do they link to? Thats right, rice.  Now we understood why rice was an issue.  As a side note, if you suspect an intolerance, by all means do the tests, but be aware of cross reactivity, what immunoglobulin you need to test and what method is being employed. These three aspects are all very important to identify all food intolerances.  With my patients, if re-occuring foods appear during kinesiologist tests, I recommend a blood test just to see what level or intolerance is present.

Why all the info? Well, intolerances mixed with a love of KFC (how did I end up with someone who lovs junk food? Luckily he adores healthy food just as much), made for a very sad man.  I had to find a solution.


Now, this may well have been a tv show or a dream but somewhere I saw Gordon Ramsey marinade chicken pieces in yoghurt to tenderize the meat.  I woke up one day, through off my covers and stormed to the butchers with such a determination to make my hubbie fried chicken, I forgot to check the french for chicken breast. This made for a highly entertaining visit with the butcher, explaining with pointing and a variety of gestures.  You can imagine! The dry ingredients came about by pure chance, being whatever flours I had left in my fridge.

As I said, I know this is not the most nutritious food, but for allergy sufferers out there, kids with allergies going to parties or if you have allergy guests for a BBQ, here is an option for you.  I never even thought this recipe was blog worthy, but from friends and family who have tried the chicken, apparantly it is! Here we go…

Gluten, Egg Free Fried Chicken with Dairy Free Option

Makes 8 medium sized pieces


4 medium to large chicken breasts cut in half

300ml natural yoghurt*

1 tbspn garlic powder

1 cup chickpea (garbanzo) flour

1 cup corn flour (not starch)

2 tspns white pepper

1 tspn cumin

1 tspn cayenne pepper ( less if spice is not your thing)

1 tspn himalayan salt

8 cups cooking oil

Make sure, for you health, all ingredients are of the highest quality and organic!


Marinade chicken in yoghurt and garlic powder.  Leave for minimum of 2hrs but over night is better.  Stir if yoghurt seems to seperate.

Heat oil in a deep pan on medium to high heat.

In a backing tray or dish mix together all the remaining dry ingredients.

Just before cooking, get your assembly line together. To the left, you marinading chicken, in front your dry ingredient tray and tot he right you pan with oil. Or opposite if you are left handed!

Once oil is hot (test by sprinkling a pince of the flour mixture. If it fizzes, this indicates oil is hot enough)

Take 1 piece of chicken out of the yoghurt and dip into flour mixture.  Completely cover and pat to make sure flour has stuck to the chicken.

Place chicken in oil, which should bubble straight away.  Quickly after, with a tongs, turn chicken over to ensure the coating has sealed both sides.  Turn every few minutes to cook evening.

After 7-10mins, or when coating is dark brown, but definitely not burnt, remove and leave to settle for a further 10mins before serving.

I cook 4 pieces at a time to save cooking time.


*For a low dairy and dairy free option, you have two choices. Low dairy can use sheeps yoghurt, which seems to settle well with dairy allergy sufferers.  For complete dairy free, mix rice or almond cream, 300ml, with 1 tspn or cider vinegar and 1 tspn of lemon juice.

I genuinely love to hear how you get on with this recipe! Pop on to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and let me now how you got on 🙂



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