The Easiest Kitchen Hydrating Avocado Face Cream

Yet another post I never thought I’d be sharing with you guys but after the other half noticed my skin was looking good, I thought there might be something in this! Plus all you need is a double boiler and a blender!

It really was a spur of the moment D.I.Y job and the easiest one at that! I remember making my own creams as a teenager (even sold a few batches of my lip balms!).  It can be very tedious, heating the wax to a certain temperature, melting the oils and heating the liquid parts, to the same temperature.  Adding them together, praying that the would not split! So, for this reason I never explored making my own creams again! The cost and disappointment you get when your beloved batch split, obviously is a trauma I have never gotten over.  But that, plus, the fact that you can find amazing safe, non toxic, high quality and cruelty free brands these days, I never had the need.  That was until I ran out of my fav Antipodes Avocado Pear Night Cream! I can’t be without my night cream! So there you have the motivation, I was desperate!

I went into my kitchen and it was when I saw my tub of soja lecithin I got a brain wave! That plus the memory of a recent conversation I had with my friend Katie Walker of Inkana Jewelery at Sonja Lockyers Retreat into the Divine retreat, where I had the light bulb moment! I’m obviously name dropping here, but that’s because these are two ladies and their sites you have to check out! Katie mentioned mixing cacao butter with olive oil and coconut oil for a face cream! I saw my cacao butter and then the lecithin and, bing light bulb, then attacked Google looking for a recipe!

I didn’t find a recipe, hence why I’m writing this, but what I did find was a post on how to use lecithin as an emulsifier. You see obviously oil and water don’t mix, you need another ingredient to blend the two together.  Bees wax is generally the go to ingredient but lecithin is also a very useful replacement if its treated right. Curious Sopamaker gave me the trick I need and there was no stopping me!

The texture of the cream almost like cold cream, thicker than your average moisturizer but not as this or greasy as a balm, in between, but spreadable.  My skin drinks in anything you put on it, maybe that’s why I was so sensitive to chemicals in standard cosmetics! So this is the perfect texture for me.  After it’s absorbed, you skin feels very very smooth, pores really reduced and my complexion looked like I’m wearing make-up, even lightened darkness I had under my eyes! So far I have been using the cream for a week butt he results are getting better and better.

I’ll write in another post the benefits of each individual ingredient as I use them all in another DIY recipe for eye make-up remover, so you will know what you are putting on your skin, why and if you want to replace them something more suited to your skins needs! Here we go….



2-3 tspns lecithin

2-3 tbspns Floral Water

40g Cacao Butter or Shea Butter

1 tspn Vegetable Glycerin or Honey*

2-3 tspons Avocado Oil


Soak lecithin in your floral water of choice for at least 2 hours.

Over a double boiler, melt cacao butter and when liquid, add glycerin and avocado oil.  Heat for another minute.  Set aside to cool down for 5mins

Add you lecithin along with your water into a blender, using initially the blade attachment, and blend until the lecithin loses its grainy appearance.

Change attached to whipping attachment, which you would use for whipping cream.

Add 1/4 of you oil mix to the blender and blender until mixed.  Add the remaining oil mix 1/4 at a time until l blended together and continue blending for another 3mins.

Leave the cream in the blender and every 30mins blend for 3mins.  I continued this for 3 hours until I was sure the mixture did not split as it was cooling down.

Once cool, transfer to a clean glass container.

This recipe made enough to fill a 120g jar.

Please let me know how you get on!

Disclaimer: To ensure not allergies or skin reactions, please perform a patch test on your wrist or behind your ear 24hrs before using. I have skin like leather, so I knew I was not going to react!


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