Seaweed Bacon Eggs Benedict with Dairy Free Hollandaise

Who doesn’t know about the health benefits of seaweed!? Thanks to Jamie Oliver, seaweed is getting a lot of press again for its amazing health benefits. Its hailed as the Japanese elixir of health and youth.  But us westerners have a small issue, how do you get a daily portion without having to eat sushi every day! Here’s how…

For some, including me, eating sushi on a daily basis would not be an issue! I love this stuff and ever more so now that I found Tanya Maher’s recipe from her new raw book, The Uncook Book.  Sunflower seeds replace rice and a multitude of vegetables can replace the fish.  I love this recipe and it’s so easy to follow, I whip up my own california rolls in 15mins, if that and have more dose of seaweed. But I can see how this could get a bit repetative for some.

Another issue for a few people is the taste.  Salty, fishy seaweed is not for everyone, especially if you are not a fish person! A quick note on that, if you are not a fish person due to the distinct smell and taste, you haven’t had fresh fish! Fresh fish, just caught or caught that day, is beautiful, with very little sea taste.  So before you write it off completely, get yourself to a fishing village and enjoy! Back to seaweed..

Like vegetables, think of seaweed as sea vegetable.  Broccoli is not the only veg that exists so neither is nori the only seaweed available! You can find nori, wakame, dulse and kombu to name just a few.  Find the seaweed that works for you and begin adding this on a weekly basis into your diet and you’ve ticked off that superfood from your list!

The most versatile I would personally recommend to start with is dulse.  Dulse offers all the helath benefits of seaweed such as a great source of potassium, fibre, protein, iron, vitamin c and essetnial iodine,  but with a very mild taste. It gained popularity recently when Oregan State Universaty discovered it has a distinct bacon flavor when fried.  I am a living witness to say this is very very true, leading me to today’s recipe, Seaweed Eggs Benedict with Dairy Free Hollandaise sauce.

Dulse has many applications due to it’s mild flavour.  If anything the taste is just salt.  This is where you can consume seaweed on a daily basis by replacing your salt in cooking.  You might be able even to put it in a salt grinder to make the flakes thinner and smaller.  So in cooking, when I am making my sauces like pasta sauce or gravy, I add dulse flakes at the end, replacing salt! Boom, daily seaweed dose!

The Uncookbook is responsible for this discovery! It has a great recipe for Funa (my way of saying fake tuna, trust me the name wil catch on!). Soaked seeds mixed with dulse and it does give a taste of tuna salad, with the added benefit of seeds and all their goodness! Win win situation.  I was making my favourite Hemsley & Hemsley Red Pesto and couldnt find my salt. I added the Dulse, which I had just bought to try Tanya’s recipe and it was gorgeous in the recipe! I was afraid it was going to give the pesto a fishy flavour but not at all!

Have I sold seaweed enough for you to add it to your daily meals? Trust me its so easy and definitely worth it 😉 So here is another idea to add seaweed to your Sunday Brunch.  In the recipe the seaweed is fried, but I am researching to see if the effect of heat has a negative effect on the nutritinal value of the seaweed.  So far I cant find any issues, only a ton of fried seaweed recipes.  Until I find otherwise, enjoy!



Fresh Dulse strips, not dried or flaked

Organic, corn feed eggs*

Base of choice – Portobello mushrooms, spinach, sweet potato or if you eat bread, organic wholemeal or gluten-free roll

Tanya Maher’s Uncookbook Inspired Hollandaise** See below


First make the hollandaise.  In a food processor, add all ingredients and blend for a good 3mins, or until the mixture is as smooth as you can get it.  Leave in fridge. This gets better and better with time.

Next prepare your base. For the most nutritional value, I prefer grilling portobello mushrooms or a slice of baked sweet potato or wilted spinach, these options give more nutirients, less grains and a good wallop of fibre.  But choose your favourite base. For goodness if choosing a bread base, make sure its wholemeal and organic.

Seaweed bacon: Cut dulse strips into desired shape.  Rinse gently underwater to removed excess salt.  In a frying pan, add coconut oil or raw butter.  Once hot, add your seaweed strips. With the heat, there will be a lot of sizzling and spitting.  Turn frequently so dulse does not burn. To ensure a true “bacon” flavour, make sure the seaweed is crisp and holds its shape.  If its still soft, you will taste a slight seaweed flavour.  Place the fried seaweed on top of your base of choice.

Poach eggs: Bring a saucepan of water to the boil.  Remove from heat and immediately add a cracked egg into the hot water. Once the egg whites have started to turn white return to heat, reducing to medium.  If white foam forms, the temperature is too hot.  Leave to boil for 2-3mins.

Assemble: Remove poached eggs from water, draining the excess water as much as possible. Place on top of your dulse and base tower.  Finally, pour on as much, or as, little hollandaise sauce as you fancy! Enjoy your healtier version of a relaxing brunch.

* I will write another blog post on how to create an avocado verison of this recipe for a vegan, egg free version.


The raw food movement is gaining speed and for good reason.  It offers the highly nutritionally dense meals, free from dairy, animal prdoucts, gluten and grain free! Its not just all fruit and raw veg, beautfully prepared meals of nuts, seeds and oils.  The only daunting issue is how to achieve tasty meals on your own. Tanya Maher, owner of Tanya’s in Chelsea London, recently released her cookbook, the Uncookbook and it is a must-have in everyone’s kitchen, rawfoodist or not.  Of course, some recipes require a dehydrator to create, but others, like raw warm soups and sushi, just require a little extra time and nothing else.  It’s a beautiful looking book and full of info on healthy eating. It even has a raw hot chocolate recipe.

From the book, I took her soured cream recipe and ran with it, as its such an all round great sauce, for dips, baked potatoes, replacing creme fraiche! I don’t have a high-speed blender, yet! (I was supposed to win one, in The Uncook Book competition, but didn’t! Even though my lucky number 222 was picked.  Give me a few months, I’ll get over this, promise! Not bitter at all LOL) So this version is for those who only have a food processor and can not blend purely soaked nuts or seeds, to achieve a smooth sauce texture.


250ml unsweetened Almond Cream

50g raw cashew nuts

1/2 clove of garlic

1 tbspn lime juice

1/2 tspn rock salt

1/2 tspn black pepper

Pinch of turmeric

Dash of truffle oil*optional (make sure truffle oil is pure, organic and is not a synthetic version)


Soak cashew nut in water for 4hrs.  Although, this recipe can be done without soaking the nuts, this stage ensures a smooth creamy texture at the end.

In your food processor, add all ingredients, except for truffle oil, and blend for 2-3mins until texture is creamy and smooth. Taste before adding this truffle oil. This gives the sauce a very rich taste but is not for everyone.



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