Hey Everyone!

How did your summer go!? Luckily here in the South of France we have another few weeks before it feels like Autumn has properly set in!

Over the last few months I’ve been working away with patients and preparing myself for the Autumn and Winter months, my busiest periods.  I see a lot of children as patients, for re-occuring infections.  Let me tell ya, now is the best time to boost their systems.  Trust me, come November December time, you wont regret it!

Im also planning a #CleanYourBeautyRoutine retreat! A full day split into modules for a complete overhaul of your personal care products to safe, non-toxic brands and DIY recipes.


Until then, I have been having a whole lot of fun giving #CleanYourBeautyRoutine consultations in peoples homes! Everyone loves it, which surprised me! You are all so motivated for cleaner brands and to make the change!

How it works? I come to your place, and we discuss ingredients to avoid, label reading and health issues related to cosmetics.  I then go through your bathroom and make-up cabinet (I often go through household cleaning products as well if I have time) and after we go through the switch, finding brands I think would work for you.  I list sources and availability of products and we start sample shopping! Many of the online retailers I use offer amazing sample services, to try before you buy! This is great for me, as you have to remember Im a homeopath not a beautician.  What shade of foundation you need, not my strongest point ๐Ÿ™‚ In saying that though, so far Ive been pretty spot on!

Its lovely being back here posting! Its been so long.  If you want to be kept up to date on recipes, products and my new serious on instagram #CleanYourBeautyRoutineTips, you’ll mostly find me on Facebook and Instagram.  These are easier to keep up to date with 10mins in between patients!

Happy Sunday, enjoy Rentrรฉe, boost your immune system NOW and #CleanYourBeautyRoutine


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