#CleanYourBeautyRoutine Tips

I have a new feature which Im excited about, that is running on Instagram.  Its the #CleanYourBeautyRoutine Tips series.  They will be numbered, so far Im up to 5 (really really new feature) and will have quick tips on how to change your products over to cleaner, natural versions better for your health, your skin and the planet!

As I said on a recent instagram post, its weird giving cosmetic advise when Im a homeopath and not a beautician! Considering I never really wore make-up until now!

Remember, when I have a patient and I need them to change their cosmetics and personal care products as a part of their treatment plan, I need them to stick with it.  It would be very easy for me to say to a patient simply throw out all your products or dont wear any make-up.  For some that might sit ok, for others its stressful and unrealistic an ask.

So I set out to learn what green beauty products are out there for you guys! Thats how #CleanYourBeautyRoutine was born, the consultations, workshops and soon retreat day!

Until two days ago, I was still a little old homeopath who knew a little about lipstick.  My new birthday lipstick arrive however, and a monster was unleashed! Im loving it! Move over Kim Kardashian and prepare yourselves for my Youtube channel and app! 

Only joking, Im much more comfortable treating a sinus infection than trying to explain contouring!




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