Winter is Coming!

Hi Everyone!!!

This post is aimed mainly at my fellow South of France residents but some useful information for everyone around the globe!

We had it so good for a while.  My mulberry tree only started to lose its leaves around the first week of December. I was still wearing flip-flops to my yoga classes well into Novemebr and only now do I have to sleep with a duvet.  But, we’ve been hearing it for long enough, Winter is coming (for the none Game of Thrones fans apologies!).  Ive news for you, Winter in well and truely here!

The only issue with such a sudden change of climate is that the shock to our systems has meant a sudden surge of cold types symptoms and if its anything to go on from what I experienced in practice about 7 years ago, this December and January will be a conveyor belt of coughs, colds, fevers and sore throats.

Don’t worry though, there is still so much you can do to boost your system.  The trick here, is the WHOLE family have to follow these tips. We’ve all been there, the youngest gets sick, passes it to mum, then dad and finally the rest of the family.  One member gets better and another succumbs.  Thats those pesky  viruses, they can be sneaky.  This is very important note for you adults.  Does this scenario seem familiar?

You feel as if something is coming on, you dosing yourself to your eyeballs on vitamin C and zinc for a few days and rest until it passes.  You think you are out of the woods so you return full steam ahead to work, exercise, social events. A few days pass and boom, it hits you again, only this time stronger.

Viruses can take up to two weeks to be fully cleared, so aim to follow your protocol with plenty of rest, for a good to weeks to make sure you are over it! No over doing it, plenty of sleep, gentle exercise and good food.

Here are a few tips to help get through the next two months and enjoy ski season!

1. ABC at the ready! For those who come to see me for homeopathy know about my ABC protocol. Its a combination of Aconite, Belladonna and Chamomilla which once taken at the first sign of a cold, can stop it ins tracks.  Im presenting a talk in January on the ABC protocol.  Get in touch if you are intereseted! Admittedly its not the most graceful of homeopathy but when taken right at the start of a cold, really can avoid so much misery (man-flu anyone?).

2. Constitiutionl Homeopathy! Its never too late to boost your system which is what constitutional homeopathy is all about.  The ABC  definitely has its place but is not the most “graceful” of homeopathic remedies as I said.  A good consutlation with a homeopath is not just about your remedy, its looking a lifestlye, diet, stress, anything that might be a drain on your system and how to overcome it.

3. Drink liquids.  Make sure your body is hydrated with either hot or cold drinks.  In mainy traditional medicines, in winter, hot drinks should be consumed rather that cold.  Its for this reason meals, often are accompagnied by soups in order to hydrate as well as heat the body. Some people have a preference however, so listen to your body taste buds.  Hot or cold, as long as you drink enough, that is that main thing.

4. Stock up on Propolis and Colloidal Silver. Proplolis is a bee resin. It comes in many forms, pastels, liquid, granules.  Make sure you buy the purest form and without sugar (see next point).  Research has shown propolis to have a significant positive effect on the immune systme.  Colloidal Silver was the natural antibiotic back in its day and can be used daily as a nasal spray prevent to prevent catching and spreading microbes.

5. Limit sugar.  I honestly thought the effect of sugar on the immune system was common knowledge until I was talking to a patient recently and they were shocked with what I told them.  It has been seen that within 2hrs after consuming sugar and possibly lasting up to 6hrs, your imune function will have been inhibited up to 75%.  Now I am aware that with Christmas coming up and the bubbly flowing, this point may seem tricky but it is important to follow especially if you know your have a tendancy to pick up viruses.  With all the sweet treats tempting us over the festive season, make sure you follow points 1-4 to the letter of the law!

I hope this post has been of some help! Please do get in touch if you have any questions.  I will be out of office from the 23rd of December until the 30th, but I can be reached by phone!

I am so passionate about treating coughs and colds naturally! Why you might ask? Ive seen, especailly in children how their immune system flouisehes after an acutre treated naturally. They become stronger, thier system more resilient and most importantly free of any possible side-effects from antibiotics!

Hapy Holidays Everyone!



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