Soup-up a Super Soup

Happy New Year everyone!!! Meilleur Voeux et Bonne Santé pour 2017!

Can you believe 2016 came and went so fast? I had so many plans for weekly blog posts but never seemed to have time. Luckily for me that wasnt such as bad thing, as not having enough time means I was with my lovely patients and working at the two practices.  I also had a surge in Skype appointments las tyer which I loved!

Loggin on here for the first time this year, I found a great draft post i never published! Thats right from last January! perfecting timing to share now. Here is it..


De-shelled Hemp Seeds

Dulse flakes

Nut butter

Sunflower seeds

So, I’m late to soup season! With all chilled fingers and toes crossed, we’ll be back in some remanence of warmth in six weeks! But better late to the party than never.  File this post away for next autumn which actually would be the perfect time to add these immune boosting ingredients to your soups and broths. If you don’t want to hear my rant about Vitamix, scroll down a far bit!

I love making soup.  How easy is it to through a load of delicious fresh veg into some warm water, zummm down (my language for using your blender) and serve.  Literally MAX 30mins and you have a natural warm multi-vit! Although, if I was graced with the beauty that is a Vitamix then this time could be down to 5.  Have you seen them work? It’s a super powerful blender that literally could turn a tree trunk into fine dust and warms up your liquadized veg to give you a raw soup – nutritional pow pow.  I need one.  I’ve put it out there to the universe that I want one, all over Facebook and Twitter and I expect any day now for a delivery van to pull up outside my house, handing me a clip board and after signing here, Id walk away with a box marked Vitamix.  All of which without ever having ordered it!

(Update!! I now have a Vitamix. Her name is Bijoux and I love her!)



Add these ingredients to your soups or even sauces for super charged nutiriton!


Hemp is a fantastic source of Omega 3.  Unless you are consuming vast amounts of oily fish and or walnuts, assume you need to up your Omega 3s.  See our essential fatty acids need to be in a correct ratio, much like good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.  There needs to be balance.  Todays eating and lifestyle generally knocks this balance of fats out, leaning towards an Omega 6 dominate.  Omega 6 is essential but when left with its Omega 3 buffer can contribute to inflammation in the body. You see, up the 3s.

Hemp takes as little as 20mins to cook or soaked for an hour in your warm soup.  Then, depending on how powerful a blender you have, can be blended without a trace.  Great when feeding some fussy eaters.

Look to add a tablespoon of hemp seeds to your soup either blended or as a garnish on top.


Dulse, similar to Hemp seeds, can also be added to soups as well as sauces without much of a trace.  It’s a seaweed from north America which became famous for tasting like bacon when fried.  This is absolutely true.  Sea my Eggs Benedict post.  Sea what I did there LOL

For soups, buy the dried flaked version.  If you can not find dulse at your local health store, you may find mixed dried sea vegetables.  This is just as good but I can’t promise about the taste. Add about 1 tablespoon per litre of water/soup.  Honestly this has no strong fishy taste but can add salt for flavour.

Last year Jamie Oliver came out with his Superfoods cooking book and in interviews raved about seaweed for giving him his health burst.  Seaweed is full if minerals, some that we hardly consume in our western diet such as selenium.  It also contains iodine a mineral needed by men and women but mostly for women due to breast tissue. You see, iodine, known for its role in thyroid function, also is involved in maintaining health of breast tissue. So if you have the breasticles make sure you are consuming enough iodine.

Add Dulse to your soup, sauces, stews anything. Honestly you wont taste it!


I think I’ve mentioned on here a few times that I love fats, a diet rich in good fats in worth its weight in gold!

A patient years ago gave me this time and not only will it give you a delicious soup but also contribute again to your omegas but also up the protein content.

I use almond butter but also love tahini and sesame seeds are amazing for your detox mechanism (your liver will love you!).  If you have a high-speed blender, feel free to skip the butter part and just throw in the nuts into the mix.  They will be blended to a lovely creamy consistency along with your veg.

If you have a nut problem, so people with allergies or autoimmune disorders, focus on seeds. Sunflower seeds give a lovely creamy texture which pumpkin seeds I find give a lovely savoury texture.

So there you go! Let me know how you get on and if you are on instagram share your souped-up soups and use the hashtag, #juliahomeopath



4 thoughts on “Soup-up a Super Soup

  1. Great advice, Julia!

    Hope you had a good Christmas vacation. Did you go to Thailand? I got back from NY mid December and brought with me lots of new and unwelcome pain issues (bursitis,tendonitis,arthritis – I don’t like these ‘itises’).

    I ordered some drops from Holland which should arrive next week. They are bought off the shelf in NY and worked very well for me but I couldn’t travel with them, unfortunately. Strange that it cannot be purchased the same way in France.

    I’ll let you know how things go and then I’ll make an appointment to see you.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    Best, Nora


    • Hi Nora! Hope it arrives well! I can imagine the change in climate doesnt help? Cannabis in any form is still illegal here but I heard this might change this year. I leave for Thailand for the month of Feb! Will be great to see you beforehand! Jxx

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